Teardrop Trailer Plans

Tiny TearDrop Trailer Plans will show you, in detail, how to build a custom 5 x 8 Teardrop Trailer.

My plans are aimed at both novice  AND professional builders who want to build a quality teardrop trailer at an affordable price.  What started out as a my weekend hobby has turned into a full-time job.  As a professional trailer builder, I know it can be intimidating to start a project like this…so I made sure every single step is clear and easy to follow.  Utilizing my past experience, these plans are designed to lead you through a build that is both enjoyable and rewarding!

There are many other “blueprint-like” plans available online today…but Tiny TearDrop Plans are different and unique. They aren’t a hard to follow blueprint, but an instructional guide that will walk you through your entire build, step-by-step.  From a full materials list to detailed explanations (including pictures & diagrams) during your build, I have spent countless hours putting together plans that make everything as clear, concise and easy to understand as possible!  

Build what’s best for you! Throughout the plans, I highlight different design options that allow you to customize your build as much/little as you want.  Choose between different body styles and/or add interior options like bedding, storage cabinets, a working sink and even a flatscreen television. You’ll have tons of customizable features, so you can enjoy a trailer that fits 100% of your needs!

I’m aware that for many builders, cost is a concern.  I discovered many ways to cut costs, while maintaining quality, during my builds.  If you follow my plans and use the resources provided, I know you can easily build a nice Tiny Teardrop at a low price and still be able to afford some of the ‘bells & whistles’ you may want to add to it!

I stand behind my Teardrop Trailer Plans 100%…they are one-of-a-kind and you won’t find anything better!  I’ve seen many different teardrop plans online, most selling for upwards of $80.  As someone who has struggled to find the right plans myself (to which I ended up developing these instead), I want to make my plans affordable for everyone…that’s why I offer them at such a great price.  Don’t mistake the low price for low quality…these are the best plans you are going to find…anywhere!

Build the trailer of your dreams with these plans, and do it at an affordable cost!

If you have any questions about the plans or even during your build, you can contact me anytime here.  Also, please be sure to check out my Teardrop Trailer Parts Directory that comes free with your plans. To learn more about our Teardrop Trailer products, click below:

Teardrop Trailer Plans

Discount Trailer Parts


Teardrop Trailer Plans

Sidewall Template – Full Scale


Teardrop Trailer Plans

Tiny Teardrop Trailer Plans

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Added Bonus

I’ve also built other types of trailers, and over the years have put together a comprehensive directory for all things trailer related. It includes discount suppliers for trailer parts, accessories, interiors, kits & more! It is an invaluable resource that will help save you time & money, and I am including it with these plans…for FREE. It’s an added bonus that will help further cut costs and help save you $100’s on your trailer! (If you aren’t interested in my plans, you can still purchase the Directory separately, see the Parts page).

FREE Trailer Parts Directory

For a Limited Time, you can get the Trailer Parts Directory for FREE.  Normally it comes as a bonus (described above) with the purchase of the plans, or you can buy it on its own for $19.95; but for now you can get it totally Free! There really are NO strings attached and I will not share your name/email address or send annoying SPAM messages. I will be removing the below offer soon, so if you are interested at all, get it for Free now before it’s too late!

I promise your name/email will NOT be shared or spammed!

See exactly what you get & how to download our Teardrop Plans:

If you have questions about my plans or directory please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer right away. I wish you the best of luck on your Teardrop Trailer build!