My Teardrop Trailer Style

Tiny Teardrop Trailer

If you take a look at the profile of my teardrop trailer style you will see that it looks a bit different compared to a lot of. The most noticeable difference is that the door is not where it needs to be. Almost every various other teardrop trailer style has it’s door forward of the axle. And my teardrop is not extremely teardrop formed. It is virtually backwards, with more slope in the nose, as well as virtually none in the rear. Why is my own different?

My Teardrop Trailer
Design Requirement

The idea of a teardrop is a step over camping tent outdoor camping. You get a bed and a kitchen area, as well as great deals of various other good features.

Yet for me there were a few aspects of the typical teardrop trailer layout that I did not such as:

You obtain right into the teardrop precisely your bed.
There is no resting location inside.
There is no porta-pottie.
The kitchen area is often sloping away from you so you must lean over to use it.
I am not knocking just what various other individuals utilize or make. I enjoy them all. Considering that I am customized structure my own teardrop, I made a decision to make it simply like I desire.

Here are the many things that I wished to include in my layout.

A tiny entry location not on the bed.
An indoor resting area that is always usable.
A location to take a leak in the evening. This is a must. Standing up in the middle of the night to pee when tent camping is among my least favorite features of tent camping.
A really useful cooking area.
Having to obtain points out and put them away as low as possible.
Allow me detail number 5 a little. I actually desired a functional inside and kitchen area that call for the least amount of obtaining things out and placing them away as possible. Great deals of people have a decrease floor in the teardrop trailer style, that allows the bed to be pushed apart as well as a resting location created. I have lived in small boats and also in individual vans where I have to transform my bed right into a living area frequently, as well as over a long journey all of this moving of points over and over again is a genuine discomfort. An additional example is needing to configuration a table as well as wash containers outside the trailer to do the recipes or chef. I want camp setup as well as break down to all be fast and also very easy.

Right here is just how I decided to take care of those problems and just how my teardrop trailer design developed.

The Door Behind The Axle
The suggestion of having a tiny space to enter the trailer (not on the bed) led to the suggestion of moving the door toward the rear of the trailer, behind the bed. As I have it now the bed is forward in the trailer, with the head of the bed being towards the back.

And within the entry area it was very easy to picture a sitting location with a table that folds up down off the beaten track. The sitting location will be L-shaped, with a small seat versus the wall, and also the bed head serving as part of the seat. The small seat against the wall surface opposite the door will certainly have the porta-pottie under it.

In order to have a good resting height in this location I promptly recognized I would certainly require a decline flooring, so that the trailer would not be expensive.

Having the door behind the axle and also sitting area such as this made it to ensure that my kitchen area had a flat wall surface to build against, much like a house. The style of the rear of the trailer became very level. I like this since you do not have to bend forward to obtain at your cupboards, etc

Having the door to the back of the axle has some real problems that I had to be careful around. Encounter reveals that having your axle pretty far back on a teardrop trailer is a lot better.

To help solve this issue I went with smaller 13″ wheels so that I could push the axle back better to the door. I additionally went with a torsion axle because I can have the axle in front of the decrease floor, however the wheel centers will be additionally back (compared to they would certainly be with a spring axle).

There are loads even more specifics to my teardrop trailer style that you can view as the build advances.

The Weight Problem The other trouble with my develop is that it is larger compared to the majority of teardrops. It is both longer and taller, therefore potentially bigger. And the only problem with this is that I mean to tow it with our Subaru Wilderness four cylinder car. To make up for this raised size I intend on constructing it really lightweight.

There are great deals of different teardrop trailer designs available.
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